Saturday, May 7, 2016

Yes, Lord, Yes – Lynn Keesecker

Lynn Keesecker was a songwriter feeling the upbeat of God’s blessing. That much we could surmise just by looking at the words he recorded over 30 years ago. He’s not left us much else to explain his circumstances and why he was feeling ebullient. But, various internet sources suggest he was a 29-year-old working in the music industry, perhaps in Nashville, Tennessee, when he recorded the song “Yes, Lord, Yes”. To Keesecker, the bounty he experienced he attributed to the One to whom he wanted to reciprocate. “Give back to Him, because He has given me everything that makes me feel this way – it’s His anyway”; that might sum up how this young composer calculated his life’s purpose.

Lynn Edward Keesecker had been pursuing Christian ministry for several years by the time he would write his affirmation-ode to God in 1983. He’d attended Azusa Pacific University, in the Los Angeles area, in the middle-to-late 1970s, evidently because he wanted a higher education from this college affiliated with the evangelical Christian community. Since he was later a music-writer, we might guess that was his emphasis as a college student, seeing himself entering that field upon graduation. Perhaps things were going well or even better than he could have worked out for himself by the early 1980s after graduating. He’d gone to the Nashville area and was at Word Records when he felt the urge to express his sentiments about how things were going. One cannot discount, however, that for Lynn to express his thoughts the way he did might alternately imply that he’d had his share of challenges too. ‘Trust and obey’, after hearing the ‘Spirit speak(s) to me’ could have been Keesecker reminiscing about an episode that challenged his notions of the path he was on.  There’s no hint of regret in his voice, though, so by this time, even at just 29 years, perhaps he’d already had lots of practice following Him no matter what the consequences. There’s biblical references associated with “Yes, Lord, Yes” to Samuel (1 Sam. 3:9) and a later writer (Hebrews 10:22) emphasizing faith, and especially being unafraid to be draw close to the Holy God. Could those references have been especially relevant for Keesecker? Had he perhaps trembled initially at God’s wave to follow, before tagging along in His footsteps?

We’ll leave it right there, and hope Lynn Keesecker helps us at some future point understand just what prompted him the say ‘Yes’ with such conviction. Maybe he’s still finding the path requires him to respond, whether or not he’s still engaged in the music business. He’s probably still engaged in life, and that’s God-business, not matter what the details are.       

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