Monday, June 30, 2008

Why Share Stories?

I am fascinated by music, I think most of all because those who compose it combine human characteristics that seem so opposite. On one hand, a composer must have a heart and a soul that is poetic, creative, and unafraid to share his or her emotions for all to hear. On the other hand, music writing imposes rules, in necessarily predictable patterns that demand discipline – which one might think is rather contrary to creativity and emotionalism. So, composers are special people, because they manage to successfully merge these characteristics. They also have stories or motivations that drive them to compose. Perhaps it’s confusion, or a struggle, maybe an exuberant joy, or sadness that finds its voice in a song. A great way to see a songwriter’s heart is to read the Psalms, a maze of emotions, ups and downs, and each Psalm with a different shade of emotion and a related story, if only we could know each one. In some of the Psalms, we can only guess what David or other songwriters were experiencing. But, since they were humans, like us centuries later, we can identify with them at that basic level. The same is true of contemporary songwriters and us. I hope my song “scoops” – my ambition to know the stories behind compositions – will help you. As a fellow human being and a believer in the God who created us in His image, I want to join in song with you, with more appreciation and emotional depth, as we discover what makes composers creative. Maybe we’ll all be more creative, and more like our Creator God, as a result. Enjoy! ...P.S. The picture is of me at the Hoover Dam in hot July 2006, trying to be cool and incognito in my 'detective' shades.